I met Chris in approximately 2010. Since that time frame he has been the most reliable source of research that I can imagine. He has standards that he maintains that he will not sort of say "I'll have it done in 48hrs." No, he'll get it done when he gets it done. He doesn't want to be pressured and not do a complete and adequate job. I can only highly recommend him by his personality, his effort, and his demonstration of his abilities. Couldn't think of anybody finer to say, "Yeah, let's talk to Chris."
Jerry Francis Kirk, Dec 13th 2016.

[Footnote to the above: Chris has done some amazing things on a computer, spent I don't know how many hours trying to download and successfully downloading the US Supreme Court [Reports] database and the State of Arkansas [law] database. I don't know, and I haven't heard, of anybody better than him on a computer.]

I've worked with Christopher for about 6 years now, as he has solved numerous computer problems, and worked on complicated web site issues for me. He is reliable, prompt and has a wonderful and helpful spirit about him. When I get in a bind on something I can't seem to fix, whether it's downloading a device driver, or a program to solve a problem, or cleaning up my computer from "junk" that seems to download its self, he is ready and happy to help. I'm thankful I can call on him when I need to!
Sylvia Mason, Dec 13th 2016

"I have been in conversation with Christoper on many topics over the past 7 years and am always amazed at his skill, knowledge and ability to assist and support others with knowledge or research in fulfilling their own intentions. Christopher is dedicated, meticulous and courteous in his approach to things. I highly recommend him if you're considering his support or services." EJ - Financial, Business & Personal Consultant, FL, USA